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About (English)

Valérie Bindel de Andrade-monoValérie Bindel de Andrade  uk

The Expression of Individuals and Organisations


“If one doesn’t talk about a thing, it has never happened. It is simply expression that gives reality to things.” …Oscar Wilde

Putting together the rigour of the reasoning, the fineness of the argumentation, the rightness of the modes of expression, I care about a clear, structured information and messages which do emphasise :

  • Visibility, identification, understanding and recognition ;
  • Information and convincingness ;
  • A reliable and exploitable mark ;
  • Coexistence by sharing ;

My aim is developed around four distinct and complementary outlooks :-

Written expression*

  • Editorial and writing counselling; content auditing; rewriting
  • Transcription of debates, congresses, symposiums, conferences
  • Training and guidance around the corporate communication : from elaboration to the writing

Oral and postural expression*

  • Building the pitch
  • Mastering of the « étiquette »

Collective expression and development


  • Guidance when taking up or exercising a function as a manager or administrator



*As Companies, organizations or foreign professionals, you wish to liaise with French speaking partners or you want to gain them as customers.

 French speaking public can be demanding even sometimes susceptible. You need therefore to avoid linguistic misinterpretations which can ultimately compromise the development of your business. Bad interpretation can create complete misinformation.

On the basis of your translations or other contents and documents, I propose to assist you to convey a message that will suit the business acumen in order to reach your goals in terms of clear communication and also respect the specific standards of French speaking areas.

I am willing to guide you by both speaking and written approach, which instead will become an asset in the realization of your objectives.

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”  George Bernard Shaw

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